Story Time

Waking Up In My Brown

  • By Enkrypt Los Angeles

I love my skin color and wear it with so much pride. Growing up in LA and being a Chicana in the 90s was the shit. We had so much culture around our neighborhood from Lowriders, Swapmeets, Chicano rap, Carne Asada's for no reason every weekend, the movie Stand and Deliver, Zoot Suits, Paletero Man, Quinceañera’s, Olvera Street, Tattoo’s in the garage by the homie Chico, Mariachi Plaza, Church on Sunday’s with the whole block, the movie Blood in and Blood Out, flyer parties, rumbles, Hot Cheetos w/ nacho cheese, Chicano U turns, Cheech Marin... 

What a time to grow up in LA, wish i could relive it all. But even now I can still taste the champurrado in the morning and remember it all.